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Under the Sitka Tree, is a novel with robust characters, which leap off the page.


T.L. Alton is a gifted writer, whose stories reflect the hope that lives inside of her. She pursues knowledge and continues to grow in faith. This is evident in the style of creative writing, which shines a light on her spiritual growth and maturity.

T.L. Alton draws you into the words she shares, so you feel like you are right beside her! Through it all, she directs the reader to her Saviour; magnifying His strength and never-ending grace.

~ C. Bruton



In the 1800s, as the fog wafted over the central coast, a spruce sprout had been roused with germination. The tree shoot,  bolstered by a shallow root system, thrust upward into the fertile soil. Settling upon the spruce needles, was the brackish air, assisting in the Sitka's growth. Over time this particular tree's existence would offer more than pure oxygen; for those who encountered it, found healing.

There amidst the logging and development of land, the purpose of the tree, would serve in an unexpected way.


Sculpted from within the granitic mountainside, the town of Ospero Falls emerges.

Due to the lumber industry, a community is born, which unites those who reside during the 1950s- in a Canadian town.

Among the individuals, who are entrenched in the seaside haven, their journeys play out of everyday lives. From times of honour, to candid difficulties that stem from suffering, each character reveals an honest struggle of life during the era.

Throughout each chapter, springs forth the joys of life, celebrating loved ones and unearthing of passion.


As children, when Christian James O'Connelly and Skylar Reigh Falls first meet, their introduction sees a deep bond form which flourishes over time. Along with the tenderness that unites Christian and Skylar, are the people who nurture them, growing up.

Weaved into the love story, is the blueprint of our Canadian history and the potholes of our multifaceted past. From the hardships endured of slavery, to the corruptness of residential schooling and Japanese internment; the story line explores these matters with sensitivity and awareness.

When Christian and Skylar encounter the majestic Sitka spruce, it resides amongst the natural cathedral of the forests, near a town called Averston.

Soon they discover, secrets hid from the outside world, are revealed amongst the tree's lofty branches. Over time, friendships forged, love found, and the heartbreak of loss becomes known~ uniting them all together, Under the Sitka Tree.

Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny. ~ C.S. Lewis

A young boy growing up, in a central coast Canadian town, whose life is transformed by a unique, Sitka spruce tree and an inspiring, little girl.

A father's devotion to his son, determined to give him a life he never had, results in the ultimate sacrifice.

A young child who is searching for a deeper connection to her roots, searches her African heritage and forms a friendship, with a strong alliance.

An elderly woman surrounded in mystery and wisdom keeps company with mothers, who embody sacrifice and strength.

What readers are saying

I truly anticipate the release of "Under the Sitka Tree". Through her blogs, T.L. Alton always manages to bind eloquence with words, to a narrative from the heart. I look forward to experiencing the release of her creativity. Drawing from life experiences and meshing those with her robust imagination, T.L. Alton will deliver a wonderful story to be told.

~ Christopher

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