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A novel that will leave the reader intrigued yet satisfied.

With characters entangled in deceit and desire, the novel links a unique skeleton key, to the Sitka spruce tree. In time, each person realizes the masks they wear, is connected to their roots across the Canadian landscape.


In writing history, each untold story yearns to be released, from the ink of the one who holds the pen.

T.L. Alton is a Canadian Historical fiction writer. Her career in writing began with the newspaper, The View in Lake Country, where she wrote editorials and feature stories over four years. Her published writing includes poems, magazine articles and her poignant story printed in Chicken Soup for the Soul.

In the novel, Under the Sitka Tree, the author intertwines a tapestry of vivid characters, whose lives are changed by a majestic Sitka spruce tree. The gripping narrative entices readers to be part of the mystery that unfolds.

The writer’s inspiration is the colossal Sitka spruce trees, the Three Sisters, within Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park in British Columbia. A visit to the Provincial Park encouraged the unearthing of her story.

An advocate for positive change, her facilitation has seen sharing of resources that include wellness, grief support and awareness of those less fortunate.

Under the Sitka Tree, is awaiting publication. It is the first Canadian novel T.L. Alton has written. As a storyteller for over twenty years, the author has composed countless stories, with faith and Canadian history as her foundation.

T.L. Alton resides a stone’s throw away from the seaside.

"I have been reading T.L. Alton’s work for a long time and though her style has changed over the years, her ability to evoke a reaction remains the same. There is a raw honesty in her blogs, as if she isn’t aware of the impact of sharing her story. Her willingness to express true emotions, to tell real stories that most of us feel the need to keep secret, makes her so relatable.

I love her use of imagery. The visuals she offers up have sometimes left me in tears, had me laughing out loud, and at times, given me an a-ha moment.

Thank you, T.L. Alton, for being true to your words."

TJ Wallis


Under the Sitka Tree tells of struggles; amongst the sins and regrets of those who are affected by greed and tragedy, the novel explores the fragility of life.

A story of simpler times; infused with mystery and the virtues of the 1950s.